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During the first year or so of the show's run, there was plenty of merchandise to be found. However, with the opening of the Tower of Terror right next to the theater, the Aladdin merchandise cart was removed and replaced with a churro cart. Some of the merchandise can still be found in other shops, but most of it seems to have been discontinued. Here I'll try and separate out what is still available and what is not, and where to buy it. For currently available merchandise, it can be purchased at the locations listed, or by calling Disneyland DelivEars 1-800-362-4533.

Currently Available

Soundtrack CD
Where to get it California Adventure: Off the Page
Disneyland Park: 20th Century Music Store
Downtown Disney: World of Disney
Track Listing 1. Arabian Nights/A Thousand Stories/Who Dares Approach
2. Off You Go/The Mouth Closes
3. You Have Been Warned
4. Aladdin Intro
5. One Jump Ahead
6. Street Rat!
7. Princess of Agrabah
8. Old Man
9. Go Now, Into the Cave/Gold Reveal/Cave Collapse
10. Carpet
11. Genie Up
12. Friend Like Me
13. The Palace
14. Sultan's Fanfare
15. Prince Ali
16. Genie Free/Jafar Plots
17. To Be Free
18. A Whole New World
19. A Whole New World - Underscore
20. I'll Say
21. We Through Yet/Prince Ali (Reprise)
22. Snake!
23. He Has More Power
24. Father, I've Decided
25. Celebration
26. Curtain Call
Other Info This is an original cast recording, and includes almost every piece of music used in the show. The main cast on the recording is Miles Wesley (Aladdin), Dee Dee Magno (Jasmine), Nick Santa Maria (Genie), Lance Roberts (Jafar) and Jamila Ajibade (Narrator).
Price $19.95 + tax

Where to get it Disney's California Adventure: Greetings From California
Price $8.50 + tax

Souvenir Program
Where to get it Disney's California Adventure: Off the Page
Price ???

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Black Logo T-shirt
Black Logo Magnet
Lamp logo keychain
Logo mint tin
Black logo baseball cap

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