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This page is very graphics-intensive and may take a few minutes to load on slower connections.

Click images for larger, clearer version. All photos on this page were taken by me, unless otherwise noted. Please do not redistribute them without my permission, although you are welcome to take them for personal use. If you would like larger, un-watermarked copies of a particular photo, contact me. :)

Exterior Photos of the Hyperion Theater
Show Photos
Press Kit Photos
Tips for Photographing the Show

Exterior Photos of the Hyperion Theater

Show Photos



Press Kit Photos

The followiing photos are from the press kit sent out to the media. All are © 2003 The Disneyland Resort.

Photo Tips

If you would like to take your own photos of the show when you visit, here are some tips:
1) DO NOT USE FLASH. Period. Not only is it extremely rude to other guests, it is also a violation of the theater's rules. In fact, flash will not do you much good anyways, as it is only good at a very close range.
2) Use a camera that does well in low light. A disposable camera or cheap point and shoot will probaby not take good photos in there. If your camera has manual settings, you may need to set a longer shutter speed depending on how well your camera takes low light photos (the f-stop). A longer shutter speed will let more light into the photo, however motion (including camera shake) may cause a blur. For the best results, try sitting along a railing in the theater to rest the camera on to keep it steady. The scenes without fast motion and with the most lighting tend to provide the best shots, unless you are using a very high-end camera.
3) Try to minimize the use of the LCD screen if you are using a digital camera. Like the flash, it can be a distraction to other guests. This also goes for video cameras - the LCD screen should be off, as well as any external lighing.

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