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Aladdin Fanart

Aladdin is my favorite Disney film, and I absolutely love drawing fanart from this movie. Here's some of my favorite drawings!

Aladdin charges into the fray to fight an unseen enemy. This one was one of the first original Aladdin drawings I tried.
This is a drawing I did of Aladdin, based on a scene from Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at Disney's California Adventure. As you can tell by the erase marks, it saw a lot of revision.
An experiment in coloring. I paused my copy of the film at one of my favorite scenes and drew it. This one was done on blue construction paper, in Prismacolor pencil. Unfortunately, my scanner was butchering the shading, so I had to take a photo of it with my digital camera. I'm still not entirely happy with how the photo came out, but the drawinig itself looks great on paper.
I was inspired to draw this one late one night as I listened to "Cody's Flight" from the Rescuers Down Under score. This image popped into my head, and I just had to draw it. Marahute is carryinig Al away, and from the looks of it, he wasn't exactly prepared.
A sketch of Al, wearing the Prince Ali costume from A Musical Spectacular. That costume is SO gorgeous, I just had to draw Al in it. This is a very simplified drawing of the costume, because I just don't have the patience to draw the tons of detail. ;)
The same image as above, except this time with some color added to it. I wanted to add a background, too (maybe him standing on Jasmine's balcony) but I was too lazy. Maybe someday! :)
"A Whole New Life" - my first attempt at an Aladdin painting. I'm generally happy with how it came out. The sky could be blended a bit better, but it looks nicer in real life than how my scanner made it look. Done in acrylic on canvas board.
I just thought it was a cute idea. So I drew it. *huggles her muse* I've tried a couple of color versions of it, but haven't liked any yet.
Just a little thought that popped into my head, after beine soaked by Takara and Sumar one too many times. Genie has a little fun with Al... and Al looks a bit annoyed about it!
Just a little fluffy romantic image that popped into my head during a bout of insomnia.
Because men playing football rock my socks. And men wearing Seahawks colors rock my socks even more.

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