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Yes, I am an admitted Disney addict! I spent a year working as a College Program student at Walt Disney World, and still visit Disneyland on a regular basis.

One of my favorite hobbies is drawing Disney pictures, if you can't tell already!! Here's some of my favorites!

My Aladdin fanart has been moved to its own page here.

Belle receives a touching Christmas gift from the Beast.
Splash Mountain, one of my favorite Disneyland rides
Sorcerer Mickey, inspired by a Parade of the Stars picture I took :)
Stitch takes on the role of adventurer Indiana Jones.
Sleeping Beauty Castle, set against a starry sky.
Stitch dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

I also love to take photographs of the Disney parks. Here's some of my favorite 35 mm shots! I also have lots of digital photos here!

Sleeping Beauty Castle silhouetted against the finale to "Believe...There's Magic in the Stars"
Sleeping Beauty Castle lit up at night.
Sleeping Beauty Castle from another angle.
Main Street's big Christmas Tree in November.
The Matterhorn, closed for rehab. One of my absolute favorite Disneyland pictures.
Me and Rafiki, from my favorite Disney movie, The Lion King!
The finale from the "Parade of the Stars" - my favorite, Sorcerer Mickey, makes an appearance!
The truck used in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which carried the Ark in the desert chase scene.
Sleeping Beauty Castle!
Pluto, Goofy, Buzz, and Woody in the Fantasmic! finale.
Elliot the Dragon, lit up at the end of Disney's Electrical Parade.

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